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Dear listener. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for both you and I. Not only is this the absolute best way for you to support what I do, but it's a way for me to reward you with exclusive music, merch and other things of that sort.

In addition to receiving ELEVEN items from my back catalog of music, you'll get an exclusive song called Outside the Little Window Everything Sails By and an exclusive, ever-growing album called Requisite Forms. They will only be available to you, my faithful subscribers. And I'm planning on writing and recording more subscriber only songs in the future.

You'll also be mailed a subscriber-exclusive sticker/button combo!

So here's to something new. For both of us. Thanks so much for your support!

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    You're a super subscriber! In addition to everything in tier 1, I'd love to do a video chat with you so I can thank you in person! I'll contact you after you subscribe and we'll work out the details.
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Lowercase Noises
My name is Andy. I'm interested in playing the guitar as slow as possible. This is my music.


Drew Miller
Drew Miller thumbnail
Drew Miller Andy never disappoints, he always comes through with what he promises to. The result is always worth it, and each moment creates a lasting memory with a beautiful soundtrack. x
Gage Grove
Gage Grove thumbnail
Gage Grove Probably one of my favorite artist at this moment. Simple, elegant and enlightening music. It's hard to find truly dedicated people but Andy seems to be one of them.
tremelo68 thumbnail
tremelo68 I am subscribing in order to support a talented artist. Keep it going!
Scott Myers
Scott Myers thumbnail
Scott Myers I love everything Andy has written. His music is sometimes beautiful, sometimes intense, usually both at the same time. He is an excellent composer and master of guitar loops and weird noises.
Shah thumbnail
Shah Calm, Comforting, Cool

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